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We are a Sydney based law firm providing service to clients across NSW. Our senior lawyers have knowledge and expertise to resolve claims cost effectively so our clients could receive substantial payouts.

We achieve resolution of the claims faster because the claims in our firm are dealt with very efficiently as compared to other firms. Therefore the clients retain more money when the claim is successful, because they pay less or no additional costs at the end of the claim.

In most of the claims we work on a NO WIN NO FEE basis. We are members of the Law Society of NSW.



Please note that TIME LIMITS apply to contest a will. In NSW an application(Family Provision) to contest an inheritance dispute must be made within 12 months of the family member's death.

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If you were injured at work or sustained work related injury, we can assist you in making a claim for weekly payments, medical treatment expenses and lump sums for permanent impairment (if the worker is above the threshold for receiving a lump sum payment)

In NSW workers compensation regime has changed. If you notified the employer of the injury and your claim was denied, please talk to us to make a claim. Generally, the worker would be entitled to claim weekly payments and medical treatment expenses.

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If you had a car accident that was not your fault, please talk to us about motor vehicle injury compensation..

We do not charge any upfront legal fees until your claim is successful. At the conclusion of the claim, the insurer is likely to pay the majority of the costs and disbursements or all of them in some cases).

Motor vehicle compensation scheme covers injured people, even if the car that was at fault was unregistered or could not be located after a 'hit and run' car accident.

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City Lawyers and Consultants specialise in Medical Negligence compensation. Our expertise and knowledge in medico legal area achieve maximum settlement payouts amounts for our clients. We pride ourselves in fast and cost effective running of the claims that results in costs that are significantly lower than other firms.

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City Lawyers and Consultants will provide advice in Superannuation and Total Permanent Disability claims. If you were injured or have a disease and cannot work, we could assist you in making a superannuation claim.

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We specialise in the following areas of family law:

  • House Division
  • Investment Properties Division
  • Superannuation Split
  • Bank Accounts Assets Division
  • Shares or Investments Split
  • Financial Support for the Spouse (Spousal Maintenance)
  • Financial Support of the Children (Child Support)

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City Lawyers and Consultants will work in all compensation and will dispute claims on NO WIN NO FEE basis, this means that we DO NOT charge ANY up-front fees to pursue personal injury compensation or will dispute claims.

We are members of the Law Society of NSW and our fee structure complies with their recommendations.

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